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I help women who know they eat too much, but they don't know how to stop.

You’ve tried dieting in the past, so you know it works. You lose weight, your clothes fit better, and you feel better about yourself. You promise yourself that this time you won’t gain the weight back.

Fast forward a few months later, and you’ve gained all of your lost weight back…and maybe even a bit more.

This cycle of always having to go on and off a diet is frustrating. I know because I’ve been there.


You think the reason you keep gaining the weight back is because you can’t control yourself around food. You tell yourself you would be able to maintain your weight loss if you could just stick to your meal plan.

The truth is that you’re not gaining your weight back because you can’t control yourself around food. You’re gaining your weight back because dieting isn’t sustainable in the long-run.

If it were possible to sustain the weight you lost when dieting, the diet industry would go out of business. Everyone would diet one time, and keep the lost weight off forever.

It is true that a small number of people don’t regain their weight back. However, if that’s you, you probably aren’t checking out my website.

But maintaining long-term weight loss rarely happens…and it’s not actually your fault.

You may think you’re having to lose the same weight over and over again because you lack self-control. In reality, you keep trying to lose the same pounds because once you lose them, it’s virtually impossible to keep eating in a way that stops you from gaining the weight back.


Your brain is designed to help you survive. In order to do that, it wants to avoid pain at all costs. When you first go on a diet, you will lose weight. In fact, it’s pretty easy to lose weight in the first couple of weeks. But after a while, continuing to avoid all of the foods you actually want to be eating is painful. Your brain senses that pain, and in an effort to keep you safe, it does everything it can to get you to start eating again. That’s why the cravings kick in, and that’s why it’s almost impossible to stay on your diet.

You gain your weight back, but this isn’t your fault. Your brain is simply doing what it’s designed to do.

In order to manage your weight long-term, you must do something that doesn’t trigger a pain response from your brain. The truth is, dieting will always trigger a pain response.


The way to stop the rebound weight gain from happening is to eat in a way that isn’t traumatizing to your body. This means you have to feed it more than you typically do when you go on a diet. This means you will be asked to eat a wider variety of food. It also means you may not lose weight as quickly as you have in the past on very restrictive diets. But what good is losing weight when you keep gaining it back?

In order to stop the trauma that dieting causes to your body, you MUST stop dieting. Once you do, you will be able to have a healthier relationship with food. You stop dieting by addressing the root cause of why you overeat in the first place…emotional eating.

Since emotional eating is the underlying issue, you improve your relationship with food and your body by learning how to end your emotional eating. You learn the reasons why you emotionally eat, and how to stop it. You learn how to deal with your emotions in ways that don’t involve eating. You learn how to decrease your desire to binge on junk food. You also learn the principles of intuitive eating, so you never have to diet again.

When you do this, you no longer avoid the scale. You don’t spend time wondering if today is the day you have to go back on your diet. You no longer skip meals or fast. And you no longer deal with intense food cravings.

You heal the trauma to your body that dieting has caused, and you learn new skills and strategies that help you manage your weight without ever having to diet again.

Your life requires more of you than worrying about calories, your pants size, and your weight.


I have an amazing opportunity for women who are tired of living through the cycle of stress eating and dieting.

It's called "Badass Body. Badass Life."

In "Badass Body. Badass Life.", we’ll work together for 16 weeks on the following:

1) Understand why you turn to food to cope.

2) Learn more effective strategies to deal with your stress without using food to feel better.

3) Explore diet culture and learn why what you have been trying is not working.

4) Learn how to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied so you never have to follow diet rules again.

5) Explore self-compassion as the foundation for improving your self-love and body image.

6) Practice the skills you learn through this program in the real world.

📌 You’ll have my support as you work to end your emotional eating — through 12 Zoom calls and direct access to me via voice messaging for support.

📌 You'll have access to the video library to teach you the tools you need to stop overeating.

📌 You’ll also receive more than a dozen “worksheets” (that will help you end your emotional eating more quickly), along with my assistance and feedback any time you feel stuck.

📌 My most successful clients are women who are tired of dieting - especially since their diets aren’t giving them the results they want - and are open to trying a new approach.

📌 My coaching program is based on the same principles I used to stop binging on food every day. Before learning these skills, it was almost impossible for me to make it through one day without overeating. Now, I no longer emotionally eat, I deal with stress much more effectively, and I’ve actually become a more present mom and physician.

If you meet these qualifications, and you do the work, you will learn how to make it through your day without stress eating - even if your partner upsets you; even if you’re running behind; even if work isn't going as planned; and even if your kids are driving you crazy.

I've never been happier since learning how to end my emotional eating. My only regret is not learning these skills sooner.

✅ Does this program sound like a good fit for you? If so, schedule a discovery call. During this call, we'll discuss your struggle with overeating and how I can help you. You'll have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have. If we decide to work together, I can get you enrolled right away — and you’ll be that much closer to FINALLY ending your emotional eating.

❤️, Trina