Stop Binge Eating




  • Binge eating happens when you frequently eat unusually large amounts of food, and you don't feel that you have control over your eating. Binge eaters eat a lot, not because they're hungry, but because eating makes them feel better (emotionally). Binge eaters eat in secret and hide how much they eat because they feel ashamed. Most binge eaters have repeatedly tried to stop, but stopping feels impossible.

  • If this describes you, the problem isn't that you don't have enough willpower. The problem isn't that you just haven't found the right diet. The problem isn't that you have bad food in your house.

  • The real problem is you're struggling with binge eating. Thus, you need a solution to teach you the skills you need to stop binge eating. Any other solution or program simply won't work.


You had an exhausting day in clinic, and when you get home, you still have charts to close. You know it's going to be another night of charting until you go to sleep. Even though you've already had dinner, you want something to eat to motivate yourself to get started. By the time you finish charting, you have an empty pint of ice cream, two candy bar wrappers, and a 1/2 eaten bag of popcorn on the bed next to you. You get mad at yourself for eating so much (yet again) and promise yourself that tomorrow you'll eat healthy.

Between taking care of your kids and working all day, you always feel like you're running on empty. All you want to do is sit down, be left alone, and relax. But before you can, your child starts calling your name. You think to yourself, "I can't deal with this". You grab a piece of candy...and another...and another. With each one you eat, your stress starts to go down. The next thing you know, you've eaten the entire bag. For some reason, you can never stop at just one piece. Once you start eating, you keep going until most if not all of it is gone.

You skip eating lunch so you can catch up on messages from patients, your nurses, and to work on your notes. When it's time for dinner, you're starving. Even though you planned to eat a healthy dinner, you're so hungry when you get home that you grab the chips from the pantry, and before you know it, you've eaten half of the bag. You think to yourself, "Well, I already messed up today so I might as well eat whatever I want and restart my diet again tomorrow." The problem is, this happens almost every day, so every day you're vowing to restart tomorrow.

Guess What? The Qualities That Make You An Excellent Physician Are Also Why You Struggle With Binge Eating.

Attention To Detail

The first rule of medicine is Do No Harm, so being a perfectionist does help to protect you from making mistakes. But you can also use perfectionism against yourself. Any perceived failure causes you to question your ability to practice medicine. You make a mistake at work and you're devastated. You question yourself and your abilities. Doubting yourself feels awful, so you eat because eating makes you feel better.


As physicians, we never want to give up on our patients. That's why you spend time fighting with insurance companies and filling out endless paperwork to help your patients get what they need. But when it comes to binge eating, you need more than determination to fix it. You can be determined to eat healthy; determined to stick to your meal plan; determined not to buy junk food; determined to finally lose weight. None of this works because you can't stop binge eating simply by being determined. Instead, you need actual tools, a strategy, and support from a coach who understands because she has been there herself.


You know how to work hard. You wouldn't have made it this far in medicine if you didn't. But your ability to fix things by working harder doesn't work when it comes to binge eating. You can work as hard as you want, but until you learn why you binge eat and how to stop it, you aren't going to get the results you want...a life without binge eating.


Being able to think and work independently is critical for physicians. Even though we work in teams, we ultimately bear the responsibility for what happens to our patients. When it comes to binge eating, trying to fix it on your own simply won't work. I know because I tried it myself (and repeatedly failed) for many years. My role as your coach is to help you through every phase of your journey. If you're truly ready to be done with binge eating, I'm ready to help you make it happen.


  • I'm a practicing physician, certified life coach, and a former binge eater.

  • I know what it's like to struggle with binge eating and feel hopeless when you can't stop it on your own. I know what it's like to see your weight keep increasing, and the frustration you feel when weight gain still doesn't keep you from binge eating. I also know what it's like to try and eventually fail every diet you go on.

  • I thought something was wrong with me. I assumed I needed more willpower. I tried having an accountability partner. I hired a personal weight loss coach. I even became a life coach and tried to fix things through weight loss coaching.

  • You can imagine my disappointment when each thing I tried failed to stop the binge eating. I couldn't figure out why despite everything I'd accomplished in my career and personal life, I couldn't figure out how to stop overeating.

  • I finally learned why it was so hard for me to stop eating. I had binge eating disorder. Only after learning and implementing specific binge reduction strategies was I finally able to stop binge eating.

  • Binge eating as a way to cope with stress and overwhelm is so common in medicine. I knew I wanted to share my knowledge and skill on how to stop binge eating with other physicians. That's why I became a binge eating coach.**

What You May Think The Issue Is

  • You may think you keep binging because you can’t control yourself around food. You tell yourself if only you had more discipline, you'd be able to stick to your meal plan.

  • This isn't true. Your issue isn't a lack of control around food. In reality, your reasons for binging actually have very little to do with the food itself.

Binging is about using food to control your emotions.

  • No one enjoys feeling negative emotions. When you're sad, angry, disappointed, frustrated, or anxious, how do you deal with it? When you are a binge eater, you deal with your negative emotions by eating. Eating decreases the pain. You can literally feel the negative emotions decreasing with each bite of food you take.

  • Naturally, your brain remembers this. The next time you're upset, your brain will remind you that food makes you feel better. Eventually, it becomes a habit, and every time you feel bad, you eat and eat and eat until you feel numb.

Binging also happens when you underfeed your body and deny yourself food you love.

  • This is exactly what diets, food protocols, and clean eating plans require you to do.

  • At some point, your body gets fed up with not being able to eat enough food, or eat food it wants, so it rebels. That's when the cravings start.

  • The more you try to resist the food, the stronger the cravings grow. You finally give in, but instead of just eating a little bit, you end up eating everything in sight as if you'll never have it again.


Your brain is designed to help you survive. In order to do that, it wants to avoid pain at all costs. When you first go on a diet, you will lose weight. But after a while, continuing to limit the food you want is painful. Because your brain wants to keep you safe, it does everything it can to get you to eat more. That’s when the cravings kick in, and the more you resist eating that particular food, the stronger the cravings get. Eventually, you can't take it anymore and you binge eat. That's why no matter how well your diet goes in the beginning, at some point it becomes virtually impossible to keep eating that way every day.

What if the solution to binge eating actually happens when you give yourself more (not less) freedom around food?

  • Freedom to eat what you like.

  • Freedom to eat when you are truly hungry, not just at designated times.

  • Freedom to stop eating when you are full, regardless of how much food is left on your plate.

  • Freedom to eat more at some meals than others.

  • Freedom to enjoy your body now even if you hope it changes.

  • Freedom from diets, counting, measuring, and food chatter.

  • Freedom from shame caused by not being able to stop binge eating on your own.

I Know How To Help You Stop Binge Eating Because I Used To Be You.


Learn Why You Binge Eat

Why do you binge eat? You binge eat because binging brings you the relief you crave. Whether it's stress at work or stress at home, binging makes you feel better...temporarily. The truth is that binging is a band-aid solution. It doesn't actually solve any of your problems. Your brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Binge eating does both. It provides an escape from your stress. It feels good in the moment. Thus, the next time you're having a hard time, your brain will offer binge eating to you as the solution. In order to heal the trauma that binge eating has caused to your body, you MUST address the root cause of why you binge eat in the first place.

Learn How To Stop

In order to stop binging, you must change your relationship with food. However, binge eating isn't actually about the food. Binge eating is a way to cope with life. In order to stop binging, you must learn new ways to cope. You must learn how to feel your feelings. You have to learn how to calm your nervous system so you can respond to stress differently. You also have to learn to change the way you think. The thoughts you currently have about good and bad food, dieting, weight loss, and your body are the thoughts that keep you stuck in the cycle of binge eating.

Move Forward With Your Life

How much time do you spend thinking about food? Are thoughts of food constantly running through your head? Do you spend a lot of your mental energy trying to convince yourself not to eat bad food? How much time do you waste buying and eating binge food? Binge eating steals so much of your time. When you think about your life, what do you want to do with it? What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to spend your time? I guarantee you don't want to spend your time binge eating. Once you learn how to stop, you can take back your time and create a life that doesn't revolve around food.


An individualized 6 month program designed to help learn why you binge eat, how to stop, and how to maintain your progress even after our time together ends.

One-on-one coaching sessions with me where you can receive coaching on any issue that's holding you back.

Actionable tips and strategies proven to help you move beyond binge eating. Trainings are short and designed to easily fit into your schedule.

Virtual support where you can email me at any time to ask questions & get help between coaching sessions.


  • No matter how crazy and stressful your day was at work, you don't try to decompress by eating.

  • When you eat desert, you can eat one, easily put the rest back, and move on with your day.

  • You no longer obsess about food.

  • You stop craving junk food.

  • You're able to eat in moderation.

  • You can go out to eat and not worry about secretly binging later.

  • You don't have to hide how you eat from others.

  • You don't need to eat every time you're stressed or upset.

  • You're able to stop snacking at night before bed.



  • I'm a physician, so I understand the unique struggles you have related to work.

  • I also understand your attempt as a physician to create the ever elusive work-life balance.

  • I'm a certified life coach who trained at one of the best life coaching schools in the world.

  • I also struggled with binge eating, so I know what it's like.

  • I teach you the same tools I used to stop binge eating, so I know they work.

  • As a physician, wife, and mom, I know what it's like to be busy.

  • That's why my Stop Binge Eating course is broken into short segments. You'll be able to listen and learn even if you only have a few minutes.

  • I offer virtual access to me between coaching sessions in case you have questions or need a little extra support.

  • Like you, I devoted my career to healing others. Thus, I know how frustrating it is to feel like you can't even heal yourself.


20 Minute Transformation

Choose this option to book a 20 minute laser-focused coaching session to work through your most pressing issue. During this session, I will meet you exactly where you are right now in your journey to stop binge eating. You will bring 1 specific struggle that you're having to the session, and I will give you 1 specific strategy to move you closer to your goal to stop binge eating.

Stop Binge Eating Toolkit

The Stop Binge Eating toolkit is designed to get you started on your journey. It's filled with actionable tools to help you stop binge eating. Several worksheets are also included to help you explore and apply what you learn. This toolkit teaches you:

  • Why you binge eat (which is a totally different reason than what you probably think).

  • Common thoughts that keep you stuck in the cycle of binging.

  • 3 things you can do right now to help you stop binge eating.

Don't keep trying to fix your binge eating on your own. I can help you. Grab this toolkit and get started today.

Stop Binge Eating Coaching Program

This course is my signature 6 month experience. During these 6 months, I will teach you what you need to know to stop binge eating. I know these skills work, because they are the same skills I used to stop binge eating. In addition to the training I provide, you'll also work directly with me through one-on-one coaching calls. If you have any questions that come up between coaching sessions, you'll have virtual access to me.

**Note: You may or may not have binge eating disorder as classified by the DSM-5. If you do have an eating disorder, I encourage you to seek help from a licensed eating disorder specialist (NEDA). When you work with me, I am not acting as your physician and us working together does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I am solely acting as a life coach. My role as your coach is not to replace your psychiatrist, therapist, or dietician. My role as your coach is to support you in reaching your goals. Being in therapy does not prevent you from working with a coach. Life coaching is different from therapy, so no matter where you are in your journey to stop binge eating, life coaching can help.