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Being a physician is incredibly stressful, and the demands of the job seem to increase every year. Add to that the stress of managing your family and personal life, and you start to feel overwhelmed almost every day. How do physicians deal with overwhelm and stress? Many of us turn to food, and before we know it, we're binging almost every day. You try to stop on your own, but you feel like you can't. I know exactly how frustrating this is because I used to be a binge eater, too.

When you're a binge eater, you think the problem is that you eat too much. In reality, the problem is that you don't eat enough.


To Understand Why, Think Of The First Humans...

  • There were no grocery stores. You only ate what you caught or grew, and you never knew when you'd have your next meal.

  • Because you went for long periods without eating, your body got really good at holding onto calories.

  • Fast forward to today. When you want to eat, you simply go to the grocery store, a restaurant, or the drive through. Food is always available.

  • But your body is still stuck in the past. It still thinks it has to protect you from going hungry.

When you limit your food intake, your body notices. It doesn't know you're purposefully limiting your food intake. Instead, it thinks it's being starved, so it goes into action to protect you from starvation.

Your body has a natural set point which is a weight range it prefers to stay within. Your set point is unique to you and in large part is determined by your genetics. Your body's goal is to maintain your set point. If you purposefully create a calorie deficit, your body goes to work to preserve calories.

Although you initially lose weight, your body fights against this weight loss. Your metabolism starts to slow down. To protect you, your body starts holding onto calories and fat in case you're ever short on food again. That's why most people who lose weight eventually gain it back.

You assume you must be the problem, so you start looking for a new diet - one that you believe you'll be able to stick to. The problem is that each diet you go on continues to confuse your body. Every time you limit your food, you set yourself up to binge. In the end, your weight keeps going up.


That's Where I Come In...

I used to binge eat every day, so I understand how frustrating it is. As a practicing physician, I also get how incredibly stressful medicine is.

Every day you're having to deal with patient emails, prescription refills, quality metrics, patient experience, administrators' demands, declining reimbursement, and the constant pressure to see more and more patients. When you get home from work, you're exhausted - both physically and mentally. To top it off, you probably still have notes to finish. You're frustrated, upset, and overwhelmed.

So what do you do to deal with the stress? You eat. I don't mean eating your regular dinner, or even eating a dessert. I'm talking about your meal after the meal...the cake, chips, cookies, muffins, ice cream, pretzels, or whatever else you can get your hands on to eat.

Ultimately, you binge eat because it makes you feel better. You keep eating until it's all gone, because in that moment, eating feels better than having to deal with the stress of your life.


What do you cover in your program?

When you work with me, you learn:

  • The underlying reasons why you binge eat.

  • How to feel your feelings, including those that drive you to binge eat.

  • How to deal with your emotions like stress and overwhelm in ways that don’t involve eating.

  • How to decrease your desire to binge on junk food.

  • The principles of intuitive eating, so you can enjoy food you love without binging.

How is coaching different from therapy?

In coaching, I work with you on issues you're currently dealing with. I help you explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions. I help you define your goals. I help you understand why you have been sabotaging your progress. I help you create a plan to move forward. Our work together is solely focused on the present and the future. With that being said, in coaching, we do not delve into your childhood or your past history as you do in therapy. We also do not focus on exploring and healing trauma as you would in therapy.

I'm a binge eater. Does this mean I have binge eating disorder?

Not necessarily. To have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder, you must be diagnosed by a medical professional who is familiar with binge eating, and you should meet the criteria for binge eating as outlined in the DSM-5-TR. Everyone with binge eating disorder binge eats, but not everyone who binge eats meets the criteria to be diagnosed with binge eating disorder. If you have any questions, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is a great resource.

Can I still work with you if I have been diagnosed with binge eating disorder?

Yes. Throughout my entire recovery from binge eating disorder, I have worked with both an eating disorders treatment team and a life coach. My treatment team focused on the treatment modalities that have been researched and shown in the literature to work for binge eating disorder. My life coach helped me deal with everything else in my life that drove me to binge.

How do I keep my success going once the program ends?

As part of the program, I teach you skills to address your binge eating that you will continue to use even after our time together ends. These are the same skills I learned during my recovery, and 20 months later, I continue to use these skills every day to protect myself from binging. By learning these skills, you are being set up for success even after the program ends.

Do you work with non-physicians?

Yes. I do work with women who are non-physicians. Feel free to inquire about your specific situation (

Is CME offered?

Yes, CME is offered although there is no guarantee that your purchase will be reimbursed by your job. You are responsible for determining whether this purchase will be covered by CME through your job.

What does this program cost? Is it worth it?

  • The Stop Binge Eating coaching program costs $2000. There is also an option for a payment plan upon request.

  • In terms of if this program is worth it, consider these questions. What is binge eating costing you? How much money do you spend binging? How much money do you spend buying bigger clothes? How much mental energy do you spend thinking about food? How much time do you spend binge eating? How does binging affect your mood? How much happiness has binge eating stolen from your life?

  • When you think about everything binge eating has cost you, my question for you is, "What's it worth to you to finally learn how to stop?"


20 Minute Transformation

Choose this option to book a 20 minute laser-focused coaching session to work through your most pressing issue. During this session, I will meet you exactly where you are right now in your journey to stop binge eating. You will bring 1 specific struggle that you're having to the session, and I will give you 1 specific strategy to move you closer to your goal to stop binge eating.

Stop Binge Eating Toolkit

The Stop Binge Eating toolkit is designed to get you started on your journey. It's filled with actionable tools to help you stop binge eating. Several worksheets are also included to help you explore and apply what you learn. This toolkit teaches you:

  • Why you binge eat (which is a totally different reason than what you probably think).

  • Common thoughts that keep you stuck in the cycle of binging.

  • 3 things you can do right now to help you stop binge eating.

Don't keep trying to fix your binge eating on your own. I can help you. Grab this toolkit and get started today.

Stop Binge Eating Coaching Program

This course is my signature 6 month experience. During these 6 months, I will teach you what you need to know to stop binge eating. I know these skills work, because they are the same skills I used to stop binge eating. In addition to the training I provide, you'll also work directly with me through one-on-one coaching calls. If you have any questions that come up between coaching sessions, you'll have virtual access to me.